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Paris Day Trip to Brussels, Guide

Full-day Trip from Paris to Brussels - Everything You Should Know

A day trip from Paris to Brussels is totally doable and offers a chance to explore some highlights of the city! Brussels is a fantastic destination! Whether you're into history, culture, or delicious food, there's something for everyone. The capital of Belgium, has a rich and diverse history that dates back to ancient times. The area that is now Brussels has been inhabited since the Stone Age, but the city as we know it began to take shape around the 10th century. During the Renaissance, Brussels experienced a period of growth and artistic flourishing. It became a hub for artists, architects, and intellectuals, leaving behind a legacy of stunning architecture and artistic masterpieces that can still be seen in its historic buildings and museums today. Culturally diverse and multilingual, Brussels remains a vibrant city that celebrates its rich history while embracing its role as a modern, cosmopolitan capital. Its blend of historical charm, diverse neighborhoods, and international influences makes it a fascinating place to explore. Of course Brussels offers a vibrant culinary scene with various restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences, Below you will find recommendations on where to go to eat.

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Royal Palace of Brussels
Paris Day Trip to Brussels

Paris Map & Hotels

How to get from Paris to Brussels

Early Morning

Departure from Paris:

• Begin your day early to make the most of your time. Catch a high-speed train from Paris to Brussels. The Thalys train service is a popular choice for this route, taking around 1.22 hours, from Paris Gare de l'Est station, and it will take you directly to Brussels Midi/Zuid station. Make sure to check the schedules and book your tickets in advance to get the best fares and ensure availability, especially during peak travel times. On average, a standard one-way ticket can range from around 30€ to 120€, depending on factors like the type of train, class of service, how far in advance you book. Over 20 trains run daily in both directions, every day of the week.

First train from Paris 06:14, last 20:00. You can purchase tickets online through the official SNCF website.

Important: be at the station at least 20-30 minutes before departure so that you have time to find your platform.

There are 2 more options, bus and plane. By bus it takes about 4 hours one way, the price is 40 euros, this is the cheapest way to get to Brussels. Or a plane 55 minutes, prices vary, on average 100 euros. I recommend travel by train.

Late Morning/Early Afternoon:

Grand Place: Start your exploration at Brussels’ central square, the Grand Place. Admire the stunning architecture of the guildhalls and the Town Hall. Spend some time taking in the sights and perhaps grabbing a coffee or a Belgian waffle at one of the nearby cafes and spend some time taking in the architecture and atmosphere.


• Walk to see the famous Manneken Pis statue. It's a short stroll from the Grand Place. The statue might be smaller than you expect, but it’s a symbol of Brussels' sense of humor and history.


Local Cuisine: Indulge in a delicious lunch of Belgian specialties. Brussels is known for its moules-frites (mussels and fries), waffles, chocolates, and beer. There are plenty of eateries around the Grand Place offering these treats.


Atomium: Head to the Atomium, an iconic structure in Brussels. You can take the metro or a taxi to reach this unique building. The Atomium offers panoramic views of the city and interesting exhibitions inside its spheres.


Stroll through the City: Plan to catch an evening train back to Paris. Make sure to check the train schedule in advance and allow enough time to get to the station.

Return to Paris:

Head Back to Paris: Trains run until late, but be sure to check the schedule to ensure you catch the right one, It is always better to buy round trip tickets initially.

Remember, this itinerary can be adjusted based on your preferences and available time. Always check the opening hours of attractions, and if possible, book tickets in advance to save time.

If you decide to stay in Brussels, below I have made a list of the best hotels in the city.

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Best Restaurants in Brussels

Comme Chez Soie - known for its gourmet French-Belgian cuisine, this restaurant has earned three Michelin stars and offers an exceptional dining experience.
Pl. Rouppe 23, Google Map

Le Chalet de la Forêt - located in a beautiful forest setting, this restaurant boasts two Michelin stars and offers a luxurious and elegant dining experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients.
Drève de Lorraine 43, Google Map

Noordzee Mer du Nord - a seafood bar where you can indulge in fresh seafood and delicious fish dishes. It's more casual but highly regarded for its quality.
Rue Sainte-Catherine 45, Google Map

Maison Antoine - if you're looking for a taste of Brussels' famous fries, Maison Antoine, a legendary fry shack, offers some of the best fries in the city.
1040 Jourdanplein 1, Google Map

Brussels Architecture
Paris Day Trip to Brussels

Best Hotels in Brussels

Hotel Stars Price/ Photo
Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo 5 VIEW
Stanhope Hotel by Thon Hotels 5 VIEW
Hotel Le Plaza Brussels 5 VIEW
Juliana Hotel Brussels 5 VIEW
Radisson Collection Grand Place Brussels 5 VIEW
Tangla Hotel Brussels 4 VIEW
The Hoxton, Brussels 4 VIEW
DoubleTree By Hilton Brussels City 4 VIEW
Pillows City Hotel Brussels Centre 4 VIEW
NH Collection Brussels Grand Sablon 4 VIEW

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