25 Best Family Friendly Hotels in Paris

Family of 4-10

Family Friendly Hotels in Paris

Best family rooms in Paris for big families

Paris offers various family-friendly hotels catering to different preferences and budgets. Here's a list of proven, highly rated options, but still, when it comes time to look for a family hotel, it is not so easy to find. Since Paris is one of the most visited cities in the World, hotel booking here is very hard. Therefore, it is easiest to choose a hotel from the list where the best offers have already been selected.

Remember to check specific family amenities, such as play areas, babysitting services, or family-friendly dining options when choosing a hotel. It's also a good idea to confirm availability and any updated policies directly with the hotel before booking.

That is why I chose the best options for family hotels with 2,3 coneccting rooms, several bathrooms, strictly with a high rating and in the city center.

the list contains only hotels with the highest rating, above 8.1

Highly Rated family hotels in Paris

these hotels are suitable for large families

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Best Paris Hotels with Eiffel Tower Views

Hotel Arrondissement Price/Photo
Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection hotel 5* Paris 8 VIEW
Le Bristol Paris - an Oetker Collection Hotel 5* Paris 8 VIEW
Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel 5* Paris 17 VIEW
Hotel De Sers Champs Elysees Paris 5* Paris 8 VIEW
Hotel Barriere Fouquet's Paris 5* Paris 8 VIEW
Maison Proust 5* Paris 3 VIEW
Brach Paris 5* Paris 16 VIEW
Hotel des Academies et des Arts 4* Paris 6 VIEW
L'Empire Paris 4* Paris 1 VIEW
Hotel Etats Unis Operats 4* Paris 2 VIEW
Hotel Malte - Astotel 4* Paris 2 VIEW
Rayz Eiffel 4* Paris 7 VIEW
Le Relais Madeleine 4* Paris 9 VIEW
PLEY Hotel 4* Paris 8 VIEW
Hotel Riesner 4* Paris 12 VIEW
Maison Mere 4* Paris 9 VIEW
Chambiges Elysees 4* Paris 8 VIEW
Hotel Elysees Regencia 4* Paris 16 VIEW
Hotel Muguet 3* Paris 7 VIEW
Hotel du Plat d'Etain 3* Paris 3 VIEW
Hotel Maxim Folies 3* Paris 9 VIEW
L'YOOMA Urban Lodge 3* Paris 15 VIEW
Hotel Eiffel Seine 3* Paris 15 VIEW

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