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7th arrondissement, Paris

7th arrondissement in Paris

7th arrondissement well-known as one of the city's most elegant residential areas, this Left Bank neighborhood here are located numerous tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, Musee d'Orsay, Hotel des Invalides, Champ de Mars, Musee Rodin

The area became so fashionable among the French aristocracy that the phrase le Faubourg has since been used to describe the French nobility. The oldest and most prestigious families of the French nobility built prominent residences in the area, such as the Hotel Matignon, the Hotel de Salm and the Hotel Biron. The 7th arrondissement is located directly on the left bank of the Seine. In the east it borders on the 6th arrondissement, in the south on the 15th, on the opposite bank its neighbors are the 16th arrondissement, 8th arrondissement and 1st arrondissement through the bridges Pont Royal, Pont du Carrousel, Passerelle Léopold-Sedar-Senghor.

There are several points where you can always see tourists taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and each other.

Street intersection:
Rue de L'universite - Av. de la Bourdonnais
Rue de Monttessuy - Av. Rapp

Popular spot for pictures on Rue de L'universite, Paris
Rue de L'universite, 7th arrondissement, Paris

Best Hotels with Eiffel Tower Views

Best Cefes

There are several charming cafes near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Carette Trocadero - Known for its delightful pastries and desserts, this cafe offers a view of the Eiffel Tower from a distance. It's perfect for a sweet treat and a view.

Le Cafe de Mars - A cozy café with a friendly atmosphere, serving French cuisine. It's not directly in front of the Eiffel Tower but is close enough to enjoy its presence.

Boulangerie du Champ de Mars - Ideal for fresh croissants and excellent coffee, this breakfast spot is perfect.

Best rated hotels located in 7th arrondissement of Paris

The 7th arrondissement in Paris is an excellent area to stay, in if you want to be close to the Eiffel Tower. These hotels can offer various amenities and price ranges,

Hotel Stars Price / Photo
J.K. Place Paris 5 VIEW
Le Narcisse Blanc 5 VIEW
Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain & Spa 5 VIEW
Le Cinq Codet 5 VIEW
Hotel Montalembert 5 VIEW
Hotel Pont Royal Paris 5 VIEW
Juliana Hotel Paris 5 VIEW
Hotel Le Walt 4 VIEW
Hotel Duc De St-Simon 4 VIEW
Hotel de Varenne 4 VIEW
Hotel Villa Saxe Eiffel 4 VIEW
Le Tourville Eiffel 4 VIEW
Hotel Thoumieux 4 VIEW
Hotel de Lille 4 VIEW
Derby Alma 4 VIEW
Hotel Saint Germain 4 VIEW
Hotel de la Bourdonnais 4 VIEW
Hotel Vinci Due & Spa 4 VIEW
Hotel Saint Dominique 4 VIEW
Hotel Verneuil Saint Germain 4 VIEW
Academie Hotel Saint Germain 4 VIEW
Le 7 Eiffel Hotel by Malone 4 VIEW
Hotel La Comtesse 4 VIEW
Hotel d'Orsay - Esprit de France 4 VIEW
Residence Charles Floquet 4 VIEW
Hotel & Spa de Latour Maubourg 4 VIEW
K+K Hotel Cayre Saint Germain des Pres 4 VIEW
Hotel Le Bellechasse Saint-Germain 4 VIEW
Cler Hotel 3 VIEW
Jardins Eiffel 3 VIEW
Le Pavillon Hotel 3 VIEW
Hotel Le Beaugency 3 VIEW
Hotel Eiffel Turenne 3 VIEW
Hotel Le Petit Chomel 3 VIEW
Hotel Eiffel Turenne 3 VIEW
Hotel Duquesne Eiffel 3 VIEW
Hotel Eiffel Turenne 3 VIEW
Hotel de la Paix Tour Eiffel 3 VIEW
Grand Hotel Leveque 3 VIEW
Hotel de la Motte Picquet 3 VIEW
Hotel Le Cercle Tour Eiffel 3 VIEW
Hotel Relais Bosquet by Malone 3 VIEW
Hotel de L'Universite 3 VIEW
Hotel du Champ de Mars 3 VIEW
Hotel De Suede Saint Germain 3 VIEW
Beatrice et Emmanuel Meuble Eiffel 3 VIEW

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7th arrondissement, Paris

7th arrondissement, Paris

7th arrondissement, Paris

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Hotel des Invalides, Paris
Hotel des Invalides, 7th arrondissement, Paris

Paris Metro stations are Ecole Militaire, Bir-Hakeim, Invalides, La Tour-Maubourg, Saint-Francois-Xavier, Duroc, Solferino, Solférino, Rue du Bac.

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