Paris Day Trip to Reims - Best Itinerary
Paris Day Trip to Reims, Itinerary

History of Reims

Are you ready for one of the most interesting and historical places in France, this one-day trip from Paris should definitely be on your itinerary, so let's get acquainted with the history of the city you want to visit.

The area around Reims has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The Gauls, a Celtic tribe, settled in the region before it became a major city under the Roman Empire. Known as Durocortorum, it was an important town and a hub for trade and commerce.

Reims flourished during Roman rule. It served as a key center for trade, and its geographical position made it an important military outpost. The city gained prominence due to its strategic location and was a hub for the production of pottery and textiles.

Reims is famously associated with the baptism of Clovis I, the first King of the Franks, in 496 AD. This event cemented the city's importance in the Christianization of the region. The Cathedral of Reims, a UNESCO World Heritage site, played a significant role in this event and became the traditional site for French coronations.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Reims continued to be a pivotal city. The Cathedral of Reims was not only a religious center but also witnessed the coronations of numerous French kings, including Charles VII, who was crowned there with the help of Joan of Arc, marking a significant turning point in the Hundred Years' War.

Reims remains renowned for its cultural heritage, particularly its stunning Gothic cathedral, historical sites, and association with champagne production. The city is also recognized for its educational institutions and research centers, contributing to its modern-day significance. Throughout its history, Reims has evolved from a Roman settlement to a key religious, cultural, and economic center. Its enduring legacy is evident in its architectural marvels, historical significance, and contributions to French heritage and culture.

Day trip to Reims from Paris - Everything You Should Know

Reims, France is a historically rich city known for its stunning cathedral, which played a significant role in the coronation of French kings. As we read avobe it's also at the heart of the Champagne wine region, famous for its sparkling wine. A trip from Paris to Reims can be quite enjoyable.

Paris in a Week - Itinerary

Reims has a lot to offer visitors. Is there something specific you'd like to know about Reims? A day trip from Paris to Reims is a fantastic idea! Here's a suggested itinerary for your day.


Departure from Paris:

• Start early to make the most of your day. Trains from Paris to Reims run frequently, and the journey takes about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the type of train you choose. Depart from Paris at Gare de l'Est station, SNCF operates trains between Paris and Reims, You can purchase tickets online through the official SNCF website, the price from 18€.

Late Morning/Early Afternoon:

Explore Notre-Dame de Reims: This stunning cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Take your time to admire the intricate details and learn about its historical significance.


Dine in a Local Brasserie or Cafe: Indulge in regional specialties like "biscuits roses de Reims" (pink biscuits) or local cheeses paired with a glass of Champagne. La Brasserie du Boulingrin or Cafe du Palais are great options.


Visit Champagne Houses: Reims is synonymous with Champagne. Consider visiting one of the renowned Champagne houses like Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, or Pommery for a guided tour and tasting. Each offers a unique experience showcasing the Champagne-making process.

Late Afternoon/Evening:

Stroll through the City: Explore the charming streets, perhaps visit the Palace of Tau or the Saint Remi Basilica if time allows. Enjoy the ambiance and take in the local culture.

Return to Paris:

Head Back to Paris: Plan your return trip to Paris in the evening. Trains run until late, but be sure to check the schedule to ensure you catch the right one.

Remember to check the opening hours and book ahead for guided tours or Champagne house visits, especially during peak tourist seasons. Also, keep an eye on the time to ensure you don't miss your return train to Paris. Enjoy your day in Reims!

If you decide to stay in Reims, below I have made a list of the best hotels in the city.

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Best Restaurants in Reims

Le Millénaire - Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Millénaire, serves creative and beautifully presented dishes with a modern touch.
4-6 Rue Bertin, Google Map

Brasserie le Boulingrin - a classic brasserie known for its fantastic seafood and traditional French cuisine. It's popular among locals and visitors alike.
31 Rue de Mars, Google Map

L'Assiette Champenoise - this restaurant, just outside Reims, boasts three Michelin stars and is famous for its innovative cuisine and extensive wine list.
40 Av. Paul Vaillant-Couturier, Google Map

Best Hotels in Reims

Hotel Stars Price/ Photo
L'Emperador 5 VIEW
Les Berceaux de la Cathedrale 5 VIEW
Les 7 Anges - Cathédrale de Reims 5 VIEW
La Caserne Chanzy Hotel & Spa, Autograph Collection 5 VIEW
Continental Hotel 4 VIEW
Best Western Premier Hotel de la Paix 4 VIEW
Grand Hotel Des Templiers 4 VIEW
Novotel Suites Reims Centre 4 VIEW

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