The Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

The Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

Paris is a foodie's paradise, offering delicious pastries, famous croissant and macarons, delicious bread, fine French cuisine, the unique Parisian cafe culture and, of course, chocolate. Before start, let's understand difference between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker, a chocolatier and a chocolate maker play different roles in the creation of chocolate:

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Chocolate Maker: This individual is involved in the production process right from the cocoa bean. They source, roast, grind, and refine cocoa beans to make chocolate. They control the quality and flavor of the chocolate by selecting specific beans, adjusting roasting times, refining processes, and adding various ingredients like sugar and milk if necessary. Essentially, they create the base chocolate that others use.

Chocolatier: A chocolatier works with the already-made chocolate from the chocolate maker. They take this base chocolate and craft it into various confections and treats. This involves tempering, molding, shaping, and decorating the chocolate into different forms like truffles, bonbons, bars, and other artistic creations. Chocolatiers infuse their creativity by adding fillings, flavors, and decorations to the chocolate, creating the final delicious products you see in stores.

Both roles are essential in bringing us the chocolates we enjoy! Now let's explore the best chocolate shops in Paris.

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Best Chocolate Shops in Paris, list, locations

Patrick Roger - renowned for his artistic chocolate sculptures and innovative flavors, Patrick Roger’s creations are both visually stunning and delicious, the chain of stores consists of 7 boutiques, one of them located in Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood - that's Paris 6, see the map. Other locations can be find on the official website.

La Maison du Chocolat - known for its exquisite ganaches and pralines, this shop offers a wide range of luxurious chocolates, the chain of stores consists of 10 boutiques in Paris. One of them in Paris 9, see the map. Other locations on the official website.

Chocolat Alain Ducasse - That's a paradise for chocolate enthusiasts. Alain Ducasse, the renowned French chef, ventured into the world of chocolates, offering some of the finest and most exquisite creations. The shop embodies luxury and quality in every bite, showcasing the mastery of chocolate-making techniques and the use of high-quality ingredients from around the world. This is a large chain of boutiques in 4 countries, see locations in Paris.

À la Mère de Famille is a famous chocolate and confectionery shop in Paris, France, renowned for its delectable sweets and treats. Established in 1761, it's one of the oldest chocolate shops in Paris. The store offers a wide range of chocolates, candies, pastries, and other delightful confections. If you're in Paris, it's definitely a place worth visiting to indulge in some delicious French sweets! The chain of stores consists of 12 boutiques in Paris, see locations on the official website.

Pierre Hermé is renowned for his exquisite pastry creations, particularly his macarons and chocolates. His chocolate shops are like wonderlands for chocolate enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of unique flavors and combinations, See locations here.

Debauve & Gallais is a renowned chocolate shop with a rich history. Established in 1800 in Paris, it's one of the oldest chocolate shops in the world. Known for its luxurious and high-quality chocolates, the shop has been frequented by royalty and connoisseurs for centuries. See the locations in Paris on official website.

Pierre Marcolini is a renowned Belgian chocolatier known for his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to creating high-quality chocolates. He's famous for sourcing top-tier cocoa beans from various parts of the world, meticulously selecting them to ensure the finest flavors and aromas in his chocolates. See the locations in Paris on official website.

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Chocolate Museum

If you want to know more about the craft of chocolate making, visit the Gourmet Chocolate Museum, covering 4,000 years of the history of cocoa and chocolate, take a trip back in time and discover the history of chocolate.

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